Add the missing piece of the puzzle with our bespoke CAD development services

Did you ever find yourself in the position when some of the functionality is missing in your favorite CAD system? Why wait years for this functionality to be added to the package (if ever)? With the powerful CAD API and customized development, you can bring this forward and tailor the solution to fit your unique requirements.

CAD development services by Xarial

We have strong knowledge in engineering and CAD systems, such as SOLIDWORKS. We offer customized API development services and consultancy.

We specialize in development of macros, add-ins and stand-alone applications.

We thrive to provide the best service to make your experience using the product as smooth as possible.

We know that delivering the final product might not be sufficient to fulfill the requirements as there are way more aspects of the product beyond delivering executable or macros. This includes but is not limited to technical documentation, tests, descriptions of algorithms, maintenance instructions, code hosting, troubleshooting, etc.

That is why we created SUITCASE (Specification - User Guide - Installation and Deployment Guidelines - Troubleshooting - Code Hosting Guidelines - Automated Tests - Source Code - Extensibility & Configuration) - an all-in-one package for your product. Although we would like to continue to be your service provider for applications development, we understand that you might want to maintain the product in-house yourself or outsource it to other service providers. SUITCASE will provide all the necessary information about the product lifecycle.

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